Strategic Focus - Staff Development

Goal 3: Provide for the tools, training, and time to help ensure that every library staff member is engaged, skilled, and equipped to serve their communities.


3.1: By June 2016, create a process to annually assess region-wide staff knowledge and skills needed to meet job expectations.
     3.2: Beginning October 2016, monthly provide an average of three staff development opportunities that are based on the annual assessment.
     3.3: By June 2017, create a process to annually assess resources, equipment and technology trends to meet library staff needs.
     3.4: By June 2018, explore and, if feasible, develop a procedure to help member libraries obtain sustainable substitute coverage that allows staff to take advantage of learning opportunities.
     3.5: Beginning July 2018, annually provide each member library access to at least five new resources based on results of Objective 3.3.