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In September 2014, the Maryland State Department of Education though the Division of Library Development and Services approved learning portfolios as a way to earn contact hours toward certification for micro-learning moments that are tied to a specific topic (aka an independent study).

Learning Portfolios are meant to create a conversation between the learner and the supervisor. It is strongly recommended that the learner and supervisor complete Part One of the Learning Portfolio together - especially since this is the first year we've been permitted to do something like this.


One learning portfolio can be worth a minimum of one (1) contact hour or up to a maximum of twenty (20) contact hours and any amount of hours in between (half and whole increments only).

One individual can earn a maximum of forty (40) contact hours through learning portfolios during one five-year certification cycle.

Examples of micro-learning (less than one hour) moments that can be recorded and counted in a Learning Portfolio:

  • Reading articles, books, websites, that are related to your portfolio topic.
  • Having a conversation with someone who knows about your portfolio topic.
  • Listening to a podcast that's related to your portfolio topic.
  • Watching a YouTube video that's related to your portfolio topic.
  • Attending a program or webinar that's less than one hour long
  • Attending a museum exhibit

**You can still record and get credit for traditional learning events like workshops and webinars that are an hour or longer!**

Why submit completed Learning Portfolios?

At the top of the screen, there is a link to submit your completed learning portfolio. This takes you to a form that mimics the learning portfolio template and is only to be filled out when you're 100% done with a learning portfolio. Since this is the first year MD libraries are able to get credit for micro-learning in this manner, the MD State Department of Education and the Division of Library Development and Services needs us to submit our data - aka completed learning portfolios. We tried to make this process as easy as possibly but creating this online form which, once you press Submit, posts your portfolio to the drafts section of the WMRL Learning Journal Blog. Jodi Akers will review the submissions, make minor aesthetic changes, and then she'll publish it for all to read. The link to the learning portfolios on the blog will be shared with MSDE and DLDS so they can easily have access to the data they require.